Best Boarding Schools in Dehradun

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Boarding Schools in Dehradun

Many parents are having difficulty finding schools these days because there are so many aspects to consider, such as the school’s fees, facilities, teachers, and academics. In India, it has been noted that many parents rely on boarding schools to provide their children with a good education.

Boarding schools are educational and living environments for students. To carve a child’s individuality, it takes a full ecosystem. In India, boarding schools were once thought to be only for the wealthy and royalty. 

With increased awareness, boarding schools have become the preferred alternative for everybody, as they are considered the finest option for a child’s discipline and moral growth.

A boarding school provides a student with housing and food, as well as a good education. Many parents favor boarding schools because of its strict discipline and track record of providing students with a well-rounded education.

It has also been noticed that children who graduate from boarding schools have a strong sense of freedom and responsibility, and they go on to attend premier institutions around the country.

In India, there are over 5000 boarding schools, some of which are decades old and others which offer cutting-edge technology, approach, and pedagogy. The site’s goal is to give parents a place to look for the best boarding school in India for their children.

DMS (Dehradun Military School) is among the top 10 boarding schools in India. It is one of the best yet low cost boarding schools in India. 

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Why DMS is the best Sainik boarding school in India?

DMS short for Dehradun Military School is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun. It is comparatively new and is just established, yet one of the best because, it offers top notch education to the students, along with the latest infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. 

As the name suggests, DMS- Dehradun Military School emphasizes on the military grade preparation. The school’s goal is to provide education to military people children, as well as civilians, and to prepare them for enrollment into the NDA and other reputable military and academic institutes.

DMS is among the types of boarding schools that focuses on creating a national importance of your child by helping put them into the respected Indian Army. 

Our country need young people who are physically fit, cognitively adept, and socially appealing. DMS will help cadets develop their physical, cognitive, social, and artistic sensibilities so that they can become well-rounded citizens.

Down below are some of the top infrastructure, amenities, and accommodations offered by the Dehradun Military School. 

Hostel: DMS provides a spacious hostel with two-seater rooms and shared toilets, as well as other amenities. The institute’s management takes special care to keep the rooms clean, tidy, open, and well ventilated, as well as to maintain sanitization. Each wing of the dormitories has a leisure space for all students. 

Canteen/Mess: Students’ favorite hangout spot during their leisure time is the large and well-designed cafeteria with a fitting visual flair. Snacks, tea, milk, juices, coffee, working meals, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, noodles, curd, and other Indian and Continental foods are available in the cafeteria, which has a modern kitchen with the most up-to-date appliances.

Sports Ground (All Sports): Students can participate in extracurricular activities at the DMS, which has its own sports complex. Students can participate in a basketball court, a large cricket ground, a football ground, a volleyball court, table tennis, and a variety of other sporting activities. They also provide a gym with all of the necessary equipment for pupils to exercise their muscles.

Physical Training: Various types of Physical activities and training drills are an integral part of the DMS curriculum. DMS here prepares the future soldiers who can efficiently serve in the Indian Armed Forces. 

Extra Classes for Competitive Exams: We have a provision for providing extra classes to the students for competitive exams and entrance exams for various programs. Apart form school curriculum, these classes are provided to students so that they can perform better in any exam they want to appear for in future. 

Personality Development Classes: Student’s Personality Development (PD) and overall character development is the field of primary focus for DMS. Their administration believes that it takes a lot more than just schooling knowledge for children to perform better in every aspect of life. 

School Dress, Stationary, Laundry: When you are granted admission to DMS, it is our full responsibility to take care of your daily needs and essentials. From your school dresses, to your stationary materials, and your laundry, DMS will be taking care of everything. 

Warden:  A warden would be available for the surveillance 24/7 during your stay at the hostel. Although wireless cameras are also installed within the school premises but the warden is available to make sure, no prohibited activities takes place in the hostel, and that the students stay in discipline throughout. 

Medical: In case of any medical emergency, a medical officer is there every time to look out for the problems. In case of an injury, a first aid box along with the required medical supplies is there to help out students. DMS also has tie-ups with the nearest hospital in case of a serious complication.

Library: DMS’ library houses a massive collection of literature. It’s on the first floor of the building. Students can use thousands of books and reference materials, as well as study materials and publications. These books are also available for students to borrow from the school library.

Computer Lab: A hi-tech computer lab with an interconnected network of systems is available at DMS. These computers are latest machines available in the market and students get to learn from programming languages to graphics designing on them. 24/7, wi-fi assistance is also available in the computer lab.  


When it comes to boarding, DMS is the top boarding schools in India. With a superior curriculum, highly educated faculty, and sheer passion for producing the future army cadets, DMS is on the journey to revive India on the greatest level. Support us on our endeavor and get your kids enrolled in DMS, and help them to become successful individuals of tomorrow. 

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