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How To Prepare For Sainik School Entrance Exam?

For classes 6 and 9, Sainik School is currently accepting applications. Selection will be based on a merit list, and candidates will then be interviewed. Students must study for the Sainik School Entrance Exam in order to pass it. The topic of how students can get ready for the entrance exam will be covered in this article.

The finest books for Class 6th and 9th kids to ace the entrance exam in one sitting will be discussed in this article along with some preparation advice for the Sainik School Entrance Exam.

Before creating a conclusive studying plan, you must be aware with the prerequisites of the training. 

  • What you should study?
  • What should be your approach?
  • Preparing for class 6th or 9th
  • Study Material and Resources
  • Study Schedule
  • Preparation for the interview.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Pattern

The class 9 Sainik School test consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from the subjects of math, English, intelligence, general science, and social studies. The final Sainik School question papers are created by the exam authority using the exam format.

  • Mode of examination: Offline, pen and paper-based entrance exam format. 
  • Type of questions: Multiple-choice-questions
  • Negative Marking: There won’t be any deductions for incomplete or inaccurate responses.

Know Your Exam Pattern:

Students must first understand the exam format used by Sainik School before beginning their preparation.

Exam Pattern is the process of learning and gathering information for exams.

  • Number of Exam Questions 
  • This is to inform you that marks vary by subject, so make sure to check the marks for each subject on the list of topics covered in the entrance exam for Sainik School.
  • Check the minimum marks in each subject to qualify for the exam have been made mandatory beginning with the 2021 Aissee Entrance Exam.
  • View the Sainik School qualifying score thresholds from last year’s exams.
  • Checklist of Students Called for a Medical at the Selected Cutoff Marks.

Read More About the Sainik school admission process

Sainik School Entrance Exam 2023 Languages

  • While filling out the online application form, the applicant must select one language medium in order to take the AISSEE 2022–23 exam.
  • Regardless of the school for which they have applied, a student may select any language from the list below.
  • This choice cannot be modified any further.
  • Students studying in Hindi and English mediums will receive a bilingual Exam Booklet (English and Hindi).
  • Students studying other regional languages will receive exam materials in the language they selected on the application.

Sainik School Entrance Exam Pattern for Class 6

SubjectTotal questions and MarksTotal Marks
Mathematics50 questions carrying 3 marks each150
GK (Science and Social Studies)25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Language25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Intelligence25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Total125 questions300

Sainik School Entrance Exam Pattern for Class 9

SubjectTotal questions and MarksTotal Marks
Mathematics50 questions carrying 4 marks each200
English25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Intelligence25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
General Science25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Social Studies25 questions carrying 2 marks each50
Total150 questions400

Best Sainik School Exam Preparation Ultimate Tips

Every year, thousands of students seek to take this entrance exam in order to get admitted to Sainik School. There will therefore be fierce competition among all of the students this year as well. Here, we’ve arranged some of the best AISSEE exam preparation tips. These recommendations can help students pass the entrance exam on their first try.

Create a conclusive Study Plan

The first and most crucial stage in preparation for the Sainik School Entrance Exam is proper planning. Create a schedule that allots a good amount of time to each subject. The subjects that are challenging to you can get extra time from you.

Understand the AISSEE exam pattern

Knowing the exam format is essential to effective exam preparation. You can gather information about your exam after creating the schedule. It is necessary to be aware of the exam format, amount of questions, weighted average, syllabus, etc.

Check out the latest AISSEE Syllabus

Anyone who wants to pass this entrance exam should familiarize themselves with the exam syllabus. It is essential to acquire a complete list of the official exam syllabus before you begin your exam preparation. You must create your schedule while taking your exam syllabus into account (For Class 6 and Class 9). Because it helps every student manage their time for all of their subjects, time tables are always helpful.

Clear your fundamentals

Clear the fundamental ideas to build your foundation. You should only attempt more difficult questions once you have mastered those ideas. You must sharpen your conceptual understanding in order to answer the more difficult questions.

Examine your Weak Spots

For exam preparation, each student should be aware of their areas of strength and weakness. if you are unaware of your weaknesses. N ext determine which subject and which topic you are not at your best in. Then focus on that subject more. To achieve greater achievements, you must practice more and more.

Access the finest Sainik School study resources

We advise all ambitious candidates to choose the top study resources for their exam preparation. Verify that all of the contents match the most recent syllabus before buying any exam books. Always get the most recent edition of a book for the entrance exam because the syllabus and pattern are subject to change every year.

DMS has the best compilation of books and study materials which students can refer to, whenever they want. It will be super helpful for the students preparing for AISSEE. 

Prepare Exam Notes

Students are required to prepare their exam notes during their exam preparation. All candidates can benefit greatly from the exam notes. You can quickly review your whole syllabus using the exam notes you took right before the test. Make sure your notes were organized properly and in accordance with the official exam syllabus.

Practice Mock Tests and Solve Previous Year Papers

By taking practice exams and tackling papers from prior years, you can gauge your progress. Try it out exactly like the real exam to see how you’re doing. The harder/weaker exam sections can then be worked on in accordance with your performance.

Time Management

This is another crucial element of the exam preparation advice. As far as we are aware, there won’t be much time to attempt the test. Therefore, you must finish the exam within specified time frame. Keep in mind that you must perform at your best during the exam. 

To examine your time for a single question paper, you must practice more and more and take mock exams. Students should be required to write more quickly. This will be more useful when taking the test. If you write quickly, you won’t have to leave any questions unanswered for lack of time.

Refer to the best books and study material

We advise all students to pick the best textbooks for exam preparation. Make sure all of the book’s contents are up to date with the syllabus before purchasing any exam-related books. Because the syllabus and structure may change every year, it is always advisable to buy the most recent edition of a particular book for the entrance exam.

On this website, students may also check out some of the greatest books for the AISSEE. For students who aspire to pass the Sainik school entrance examination, we have listed some of the top books.

Avoid Cell phones and social media

The majority of students use their mobile devices to browse social networking sites or social media while they are studying. Please don’t touch these objects, as a result of the time they waste. Using a mobile device while studying makes it difficult to concentrate.

Sainik School Coaching Classes

Students may also enroll in a coaching session for challenging or difficult topics. There are many coaching classes for AISSEE in our country. However, paying for classes at this age is a better choice. Find a reputable tutor for your subject and finish your studying before the test.

Best Books Recommended for AISSEE Class 9 Preparation

These books are recommended for Class 9 preparation of AISSEE:

  • Sainik School Class 9 Book 2022 by Arihant.
  • Sainik School Entrance Exam Solved Papers Class IX by Ramesh Publications.
  • AISSEE Paper 1, Paper 2, Solved Papers Class IX by Arihant.
  • Sainik School Class 9 Guide 2022 in Hindi by Arihant.
  • Sainik School Class 9 Book with GK 2022
  • Sainik School Exam Guide 2022 Edition

Note: For the Sainik School Entrance Exam, the books and guides given on this page are only for review. By reading reviews and comments about the book, you can decide which book is best for you.

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