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About Dehradun Military School

Dehradun Military School is a school dedicated to providing proper and premiere military education to the students of Dehradun and around the country. It is established for students with a passion for joining the military and other armed forces. DMS is affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi, and is emerging as one of the frontrunners in armed forces education.

Dehradun Military School will help you realize your ambition of becoming an army cadet. You must, however, acquire entrance to one of them in order to do so. Since the competition is fierce, only a few seats are available. To get into DMS, you’ll need all the help you can get.

DMS, unlike RMS, offers admissions to non-military background students as well. If you have been good academically, and also have earned good scores, you may opt for getting admission to the Dehradun Military School.

Coaching sessions at Dehradun Military School will undoubtedly assist you in gaining admission to this institution. However, you must seek out the greatest DMS coaching for yourself, which will need a significant amount of time, effort, and study.

DMS, on the other hand, gives you the best DMS coaching in Dehradun and other parts of the country to make your job easier. We’re going to discover more about it in this article.

Dehradun Military School Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet the DMS entrance eligibility requirements before applying online. Students must be of a specific age and should be studying at a recognized board, according to the requirements. The following are the eligibility requirements as mentioned in the official notification.

Dehradun Military School Admission Process

Admission to Dehradun Military School is based on Entrance Exams. The entrance exam follows a syllabus in three disciplines namely English, Mathematics, and cognitive ability of the students, in which reasoning etc is measured.

After acing the entrance test, students have to go through a counselling session and then to the medical test (which is mandatory).

The medical test includes Weight and height measurement, colour blindness investigation, eyesight checking, asthma procedure, palm-sweating, flat foot, the gap between knees, hands checking (Straight hands, no bend), complete teeth checking, major fractures in the past, major operations in the past, and other major illnesses, non-curable in nature.

Only after examining everything, if a student qualifies for every test conducted, he/she will be given admission to the Dehradun Military School.

Dehradun Military School Fees Structure

Since Dehradun Military School is a residential institution, it offers many facilities to its students. The amount of tuition, admission and other additional fee amounts they charge is INR 2,50,000 per annum. Considering the amount of dedication the reputed faculty put in the students, the amount they charge is very cost-effective and reasonable.

Dehradun Military School Facilities

Dehradun Military School offers exceptional facilities and accommodations to their students since it is a boarding school. They have huge playgrounds and boasts one of the best infrastructures in the city. Down below, we have put some of the top facilities offered at the Dehradun Military School.

School: Dehradun Military School offers over-the-top academic and practical education to their students. They have the latest curriculum aligned to CBSE. And they also have brilliant academically gifted faculty and staff, which caters to all the needs of students and focus on their weak points.

Sports Ground: DMS focuses on overall development of the students. And they believe students should be strong mentally but physically as well. That’s why they have a huge stadium in their campus. They encourage students to participate in sporting events. DMS have a cricket ground, football ground, badminton court, basketball court, volleyball court, and much more.

Hostel: DMS has a large hostel that offers two-seater rooms with connected bathrooms and other amenities. The institute’s management is particularly cautious about keeping the rooms neat, tidy, open, and properly ventilated, as well as maintaining sanitization.

Canteen/Mess: DMS has a mess/canteen which offers super delicious and very hygienic and nutritious food for the physical growth of their students. Veg and non-veg food options are available, and students can pick with whatever they feel comfortable. Snacks, milk, tea, coffee, juices, daily meals, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, noodles, curd, and other Indian and Continental foods are available from the canteen’s modern kitchen, which is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies.

Physical Training: More emphasis is laid on the physical training and wellness of the students, as only the fittest goes on to join the army. Regular drills, and personalized training modules, are conducted as to strengthen the weaknesses of students.

Extra Classes: Extra classes are also provided to the students in order to prepare them for competitive exams. Students need to enroll and just notify the authority regarding their desired exam.

Personality Development Classes: Students can take Personality Development Classes to improve their communication and interpersonal abilities. Personality Development Courses help candidates get a competitive advantage during job interviews and placement.

Study Material: All the study material and stationery including book and notebooks, pens, pencils, etc are provided by the DMS authorities.  A school dress is also provided by the school itself.

Security: Students inside the campus are well secured and under surveillance all day long. 24/7 wifi enabled security cameras are installed throughout the premises of this institution.  A warden is always available in each hostel. So nothing goes unchecked, and students at DMS are safe and secure.

Medical : Medical services are always available to the students in case of an emergency. A first aid box is equipped in every hostel and a medical officer/practitioner always stay on campus, in case any student needs assistance. DMS also have links and tie-ups with nearest doctors and hospitals for major problems.

Library: DMS also features a large collection of books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, and articles. Students can also borrow books and study materials from the library.

DMS offers the best Defence Coaching IN Dehradun

Your chances of getting into the DMS would rise if you had the most experienced professors, the best reference books, and proper guidance. DMS will provide you with not just excellent assistance, but also the necessary information to pass the interview phase/ is one of the most difficult school level entrance exams to pass, which is why DMS Coaching is recommended.

  • DMS was built on the notion that students should be ready to surpass their fear of failing in a particular subject. We address the issue of students feeling obligated to avoid subjects in which they are weak.
  • Every institute’s most essential feature is its faculty. In Dehradun, our efficient faculty members have made us quite popular. They use incredibly effective methods to assist the children in understanding.
  • DMS professors pay extra attention to student’s weak areas so that they don’t feel uncomfortable in class. Students don’t afraid to ask their questions over and over since DMS teachers are so nice.
  • DMS provides tutoring to its students both online and offline. There are options ranging from a three-month crash course to a one-year comprehensive course for thorough revision. To discover more about the offers, call or go to the about page.

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