Best Boarding schools for girls In India

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Boarding schools for girls

Boarding schools for girls

Education is a privilege for achieving a better and higher quality of life as well as a step toward human enlightenment. As a facilitator between schools and students, it performs a crucial function for kids.

For parents looking for a reputable institution to educate their children, girls boarding schools in India are the finest choice. They offer the ideal setting for learning and opportunities exploration.for Studying at a residential school for females in India has several advantages.

In such a setting, a girl will develop self-control, independence, and confidence. Additionally, they will have better exposure and opportunities to master a variety of talents that will improve them as people. Before examining the academic program of these institutions, there are numerous factors to take into account when discussing the best boarding school in India for girls.

Young women are given this loving environment at boarding schools, which helps them become more capable of asserting themselves. So what should you look for specifically when you research a respectable boarding school? Security, Sports, academic, extracurricular activities, right.

There are more than 5000 boarding schools in India, some of which offer cutting-edge pedagogy, approach, and technology while others are decades old. Although, most of these boarding schools are for boys and there are only a few for girls. 

One of the top 10 boarding schools in India is DMS (Dehradun Military School). It is one of India’s top girls boarding schools that is also reasonably priced. It is a co-ed institution.

Why Boarding School for Girls?

In India, girls boarding schools have existed since the dawn of time. The majority of parents are currently preoccupied with their jobs and have little free time to care for and attend to their children. In India, there are many schools with qualified teachers and personnel who fully accept responsibility for the children.

These boarding schools give the parents comprehensive information regarding admission. Additionally, they offer a variety of services like medical care, sports facilities, library, lecture halls, etc. These kinds of schools maintain a regulated environment so that students can concentrate on their academics without being distracted by outside influences.

Boarding schools manage every element, including extracurricular activities and academics. They are therefore among the best choices for parents who have to work overseas or who wish to provide their kids with greater educational chances.

Advantages of Best Girls Boarding Schools

There are many benefits of sending girls to boarding schools for education, but let’s focus on some of the more significant ones right now.

  • Innovation: By pushing the students to innovate and think creatively, the instructors at girls boarding schools in India ensure that the students obtain the greatest education possible. Every educational activity is intended to challenge children intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually.
  • Discipline to the core: Since the students are subjected to discipline, they become more focused and start producing better outcomes, which in turn raises their levels of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Leadership qualities: Girls boarding schools provide top-notch amenities that help students develop their leadership skills by enticing them to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. These chances not only boost their self-esteem but also reveal their hidden skills and intelligence.

Why DMS is your best choice for girls boarding school in dehradun ?

In addition to providing the best education possible, DMS places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, sports, and other skills to help its students become well-rounded individuals. Down below are the top facilities and highlights of DMS –best girls boarding school.

Hostel: DMS offers a large hostel with two-seater rooms, communal restrooms, and other services. The management of the institute makes a special effort to maintain sanitization while also keeping the rooms clean, orderly, open, and well aired. There is a common area for recreation in each wing of the hostels for all students.

Library: The library at DMS has a substantial collection of books. It’s located on the building’s first floor. There are countless books and publications available for students to use, in addition to study tools and periodicals. Students may also check out these books from the school library.

Canteen: The spacious, tastefully decorated cafeteria is the students’ preferred hangout place during free time. The cafeteria has a contemporary kitchen with the newest appliances and serves snacks, tea, milk, juices, coffee, working lunches, pizza, burgers, noodles, curd, and other Indian and Continental dishes.

Physical Drill: Enrolling with DMS gives you an added benefit. The DMS curriculum includes numerous physical exercises and training drills of all kinds. Here, DMS trains incoming soldiers to be effective members of the Indian Armed Forces.

Extra classes for Competitive exams: DMS has a provision that allows to give students extra classes in preparation for competitive exams and admission exams for different programs. These sessions are offered to students in addition to the regular curriculum so they will be better prepared for any exams they may take in the future.

Stationary and School uniform: When you are admitted to DMS, it is entirely our job to take care of all of your daily necessities. DMS will handle everything, from your school clothes to your stationery supplies and laundry.

PD Classes: One of the primary area of concentration for DMS is student personality development (PD) and general character development. To perform better in every area of life, according to their administration, youngsters need a lot more than simply academic knowledge.

Sports Facilities: Students can participate in extracurricular activities at the DMS, which has its own sports complex. Students can participate in a basketball court, a large cricket ground, a football ground, a volleyball court, table tennis, and a variety of other sporting activities. They also provide a gym with all of the necessary equipment for students to exercise their muscles.

Medical Facilities: Every time there is a medical emergency, a medical officer is on the scene to keep an eye out for potential issues. A first aid kit with the necessary medical materials is available to assist pupils in the event of an injury. Additionally, DMS has connections with the closest hospital in the event of a significant issue.

24/7 Warden: Throughout your stay at the hostel, the warden would be on duty to keep an eye on things. Although wireless cameras have been installed on the school’s property, the warden is on duty to ensure that no illegal actions are carried out in the hostel and that the students maintain order at all times.

Computer Lab: At DMS, there is a cutting-edge computer lab with a network of distributed systems. These are the most recent computers on the market, and students may use them to learn everything from programming languages to graphic design. Additionally, there is 24-hour wi-fi support in the computer lab.


DMS is among the best girls boarding school in Dehradun. Studying in DMS comes with additional benefits since they focus on the physical training and overall growth, with an aim of putting the finest students to the respected Indian Armed forces. You can too, put your girl childs’ future in safe hands of DMS, and help them become the leaders of tomorrow. For any admission related query, visit our admission page.

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