Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC)

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Students who are preparing for the entrance exam must devote a significant amount of time to their studies. The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) selection procedure and entrance exam can be difficult for students who are more laid-back. You must be consistent and dedicated in order to pass the exam. If you’re looking for RIMC Coaching, you’ve come to the right spot.

DMS provides RIMC Coaching in Dehradun and other locations. Our RIMC Coaching is the best because of our incredible teachers who are dedicated to your child’s overall development. We must first comprehend how a Sainik school operates and is organized. In this part, DMS Academy is working to consolidate all relevant information.

The RIMC at Dehradun, which is tucked in the gorgeous Doon Valley, has played a critical role in producing the best military officers in the nation’s service. The institute was established under the British Raj to prepare boys to enroll at the Royal Military College at Sandhurst in England and become officers in the then British-Indian Army. It is now in its diamond jubilee year.

How can DMS Coaching helps you Crack RIMC

If you want to join the military, you must be similarly enthusiastic about the training. In RIMC, training begins at a young age. Without proper training and guidance, it is very hard to gain admission.  That’s where DMS RIMC Coaching comes in, we can help you crack the exams with much efficiency and good grades.

  • Effective Planning: Because it indicates dedication, planning is arguably one of the most important elements of excellent coaching. Exceptional mentoring acknowledges that the prosperity of their team or company is based on their staff. The results will be better if the staff is of higher quality. Thus, DMS has a methodical team that is committed to its goals.
  • Transparency: Great coaching institutes provide objective feedback. Input is provided based on fixed parameters instead of the coach’s preference at the moment. The employee is informed of this, and they recognise that their viewpoint is not personal. Therefore, As the information offered has increased in value, applicability, and utility. DMS regularly encourages its students to give feedbacks, so as to improve their performance.
  • Flexible style: Every student has their own personality and style, and it is must that the teachers adapt to every particular one. We have such remarkable coaches with unmatched adaptability. For these traits, DMS Academy is the best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun. 
  • Dynamic Methodology: DMS has dynamic modules and provides coaching online and offline. You can literally be anywhere in the country and receive the best RIMC Coaching. Students can learn topics in any subject using both online and offline channels. In the meantime, they can work on mock tests and sample papers with RlMC Coaching’s instructors.
  • Home Tutors: Covid-19 has produced a sense of uneasiness and annoyance among the general public. The students have been the most affected, as they are left with fewer options. For the first time, we’ve assembled the most comprehensive network of personal tutors. We have a large network of home tutors. They are fully vaccinated and take all precautionary measures necessary. Furthermore, they are experts in their fields.

Rashtriya Indian Military College RIMC Admission Eligibility

Boys who are interested in enrolling in this college must first focus on meeting the eligibility requirements. It’s crucial to be aware of the eligibility requirements. Otherwise, your candidacy may be revoked. Even female candidates are now eligible to apply, however, there are a restricted number of seats available. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the eligibility requirements:

  • Admission to the RIMC Dehradun is open to both boys and girls.
  • The candidate must be in Class 7th or have completed Class 7th from an approved school.
  • Candidates taking the aforementioned test must be at least 11 and a half years old but not yet 13 years old as of the time of admission.

Rashtriya Indian Military College RIMC Application Form

The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Pin- 248003 can provide you with a prospectus-cum-application form as well as a booklet of former question papers. By using the procedures below, you can acquire an application form from the college itself.

Online: By paying INR. 600/- for General Candidates and INR. 555/- for SC/ST Candidates, the prospectus, application form, and booklet of old question papers can be purchased through the RIMC website. All items will be sent to you through speed-post once payment is received.

By Demand-Draft: Candidates must submit a written request together with a DD in the amount of INR 600/- for general candidates and INR 555/- for reserved category candidates, as well as their cast certificate. The demand draught is payable to “The Commandant RIMC Dehradun,” State Bank of India, Drawee Branch, Tel Bhavan, Dehradun (Band Code-01576), Uttarakhand. With the pin code and contact number, the address should be entered or written clearly in capital characters.

Documents required to be attached with the application form:

  • Aadhar Card Photo Copy
  • Passport Size Photographs (2 photos)
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Caste Certificate (If applicable)
  • Original certificate from the principal with photos attesting the date of birth and class in which the students are enrolled.

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RIMC Admission Exam Pattern

Candidates who wish to enroll in this college must pass a test. It is critical to be familiar with the examination format. The examination consists of the following components:

Written exam: It consists of three exams namely English (125 marks), Maths (200 marks), and General Knowledge (75 marks). Candidates will also have to go through a personal interview (50 marks). Candidates can answer the questions in either Hindi or English language.

Viva: When the exam is completed, the interview date will be announced, and only those applicants who pass the written exam will be interviewed. The minimum passing points in the interview is 50%, and the date and location for the interview will be notified to them by the relevant state. During the interview, the candidates’ intellect and attitude will be assessed.

Medical Exam: Only those candidates who pass the viva-voce will be considered for selection and admission to the RIMC after undergoing a medical examination at one of the military hospitals.

Benefits of Studying at RIMC

RIMC can mould younglings into skilled, disciplined, and expert individuals, ready to serve in the Indian army. Some of the top benefits of studying at RIMC are given below:

  • With the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the most respected and enthusiastic job in the Indian Armed Forces, you may assist in maintaining a disciplined life.
  • Will have an attentive and competent career in the future.
  • Encourages students to be enthusiastic about life and to live a happy lifestyle.
  • They are prepared for a task and learn to live in a group by instilling a feeling of discipline, loyalty towards the institution, military spirit, team spirit, and coordinating social skills.
  • They become physically fit and mentally strong as a result of their intensive training.
  • Students get a sense of duty, excellence, and self-reliance.
  • Extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests can assist in their metamorphosis into a harmonious and productive existence.

How to choose the best RIMC Coaching Institute?

Bright students will not enrol in RIMC Coaching just because it invests a lot of money in marketing. They conduct their research to confirm they obtain the best deal available and aren’t taken advantage of by salespeople. Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing your coaching classes to ensure that you get the best value for your money and, the outcomes you desire:

  • The coaching experience and teaching technique have the most impact on the student’s development. That’s why you should ask about the professors who work on the topics you are weak at. In all subjects and courses, a professional RIMC Class should maintain a high standard of training.
  • Coaching sessions might help you improve your talents as the competition is massive. Updated exam series are a must along with a complete answer evaluation. Question about the number of examinations a Coaching centre provides. The more, the good. As it will help you polish your skills and eliminate the fear.
  • The benefit added by a coaching institute is that it saves you time and effort by ensuring that your preparation is complete with all necessary resources and fair competition. As a result, choose a RIMC Coaching in Dehradun that gives an updated and systematic curriculum to save time and money on paging through reference materials.
  • Examine the itinerary to verify that you can keep up with the technique used by the RIM Coaching Institute. For instance, the majority of institutes teach the same thing unless its completed and then only move on to the next one, but others teach a specific topic hour by hour or on particular days of the week.
  • Don’t overspend. You can put the money you save on other resources like alternative materials or the All India exam series if you choose the proper instruction at the appropriate price. DMS has professors who provide you with regular mock tests and sample papers to ensure that you are equipped for the best.

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